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Feeder Controller

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C10 Series

A completely new type of digital controller that can be used with the full line-up of feeders, from high frequency mini parts feeders to small electromagnetic feeders and large size models. With 'analog-style' operation it can be adjusted very swiftly. With an auto-tuning function that eliminates the need for frequency adjust-ment, and convenient digital settings and display, dirve units can be operated to thier full potential.

C9 Series

A revolutionary new controller series for use with regular parts feeders for conveyance of parts of all sizes. Auto-tuning function eliminates need for frequency adjustment, and convenient digital settings and displays, etc. allow parts feeders to operate to thier full potential.


This new digital controller represents a major advance in the control of high frequency mini parts feeders for delivery of electronic chips and other micro-sized parts. Auto-tuning makes frequency adjustment unnecessary, and with its convenient digital settings and display it enables high frequency mini parts feeders to be operated to their full potential.

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IX Series

•IX-01 •IX-02 •IX-05

The Daishin Controller IX Series are inverter controllers with digital feedback function dedicated to use with electromagnetic vibrators. They are fully digital- controlled (microcomputer control), and the standard feedback function assures highly reliable supply of control signals. Also, despite the fully digital control, the easy operability gives you almost an analog feel.

  • This controller with feedback function is only about 88 percent of the volume of a conventional model (e.g. our IF-02A).

  • Fusion of digital and analog features ensures high accuracy and easy use.

  • Low cost has been realized by thoroughgoing rationalization.

  • The feedback setting can be adjusted easily with a single control (patent pending).

  • The design incorporates human-friendly curves in its appearance.

System Controller

•IX-01 •IX-02 •IX-05

The dedicated PLC (programmable controller) box PCU installed side by side with the IX series controller, will structure an optimum system for your application quite readily.


PCU (Programmable Controller Unit)

  • The PCU has the same size and shape as the IX series controller, so that both can be installed in perfect harmony with each other.

  • A DC power supply, terminal block and PLC of various makes can be built into the PCU.

  • If necessary, a plurality of units can be installed side by side to enable more complex control.

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A new model controller for the piezoelectric type parts feeder is a small VVVF power supply that can change the voltage and frequency arbitrarily by digital control. In addition, we adopted digital display so that individual data can be controlled digitally.

Sensor Timer Controller

The FRC series controllers are compact, high-performance digital controllers using a single-chip microcomputer specially developed for vibrators. They can be used with 100/200V. Both units for sensors w/amplifier and for photoelectric sensors w/o amplifier are available.

Feedback Controller

The feedback controller is a system for stabilizing the work transfer speed employing the piezoelectric type vibration sensor developed by our company that has been used so as to maintain the constant vibration acceleration. The new type digital controller is adding an feedback unit, and can be used as a feedback controller. In addition, compared to conventional products, the board saves in space to 1/4.

System Controller

Typical system controllers are shown, is a system contoller with bowl feeder and open collector output type sensor and a system controller with bowl feeder, in-line feeder, end photoelectric sensor.

A Sensorless Automatic Resonance Controller Dedicated for Piezo Feeder

Through the sales of piezo feeders, Sanki has been providing easy-to-use products that can lower your running cost. This Sensoless Automatic Resonance Controller can control the vibrational amplitude to be constant without using any amplitude sensor, and follow the resonance frequency automatically. It is a controller developed in pursuance of both stable parts feeding operation and easier handling for parts feeders.

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Feeder Controller



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