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Linear Feeder

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LFB Series Leaf-spring Vibro-isolating Linear Feeder

Use of a variable frequency controller eliminates the need for leaf-spring and care-gap adjustments. Provides uniform vibration with no adjustments necessary, and is easily installed to link up with other equipment, greatly improving ease of use. Can accommodate heavier chute weights and longer overhangs, to widen scope for applications. The drive unit is slim, and with virtually no vibration interference it can easily be combined with parts feeders, to suit wide-ranging combinations. The three models in this series can be used selectively to handle all sizes and shapes of workpiece.

MF Series Direct mount Linear Feeder

 A new type of electromagnetic drive unit ideal for use with chutes handling very small, flat and precision parts. Takes full advantage of merits of half wave operation for smooth conveyance of fragile and easily damaged workpieces.

LFG Series Rubber Mount Vibro-isolating Linear Feeder

The variable frequency controller installed as standard eliminates need for leaf-spring and core-gap adjustments. Easy installation and coordination make it much easier to use, and by adjusting position of the rear-end weight, conveyance irregularities can be quickly and easily eliminated. With minimal lateral movement, there is virtually no vibration interference, making it easy to combine with parts feeders for stabilized delivery. The three models in this series allow a full range of equipment combinations, and cover all shapes and sizes of workpiece.

LF Series Direct mount Linear Feeder

Developed for stabilized delivery of non-specialized micro-sized and precision parts, this series uses a small, electromagnetic drive unit that is simple and compact. Unmounted, with full wave operation to give excellent conveyance capacity for small volumes of non-specialized mirco-sized workpieves. Maintenance is very straightforward and minimized costs.

LF Series Coil-spring Vibro-isolating Linear Feeder

Large-capacity electromagnetic drive unit has strong coil springs positioned at front and rear, and drive controlled by amplitude angle adjustment, to give speedy, steady, straight-line delivery of large-sized workpieces. The low-floored half-wave drive provides uniform amplitude and vibration frequency to eliminate irregularities during high-volume conveyance of large workpieces.

Linear Feeders LFB/HLFB Series

A high-precision electromagnetic drive unit ideal for use with chutes for precision parts, to meet present-day requirements for rapid processing of mirco-sized workpieces. Vibro-isolating leaf-springs are installed front and rear to absorb rebound, and vibration characteristics can be adjusted to match the workpiece. Giving uniform vibration the whole length of the trough, this series provides smooth delivery of the most delicate, easily damaged parts with minimal bouncing.

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•DL-30FF •DL-40FF •DL-50FF

The Daishin Linear Feeder FF Series reduce vibration by flat springs and a balance weight, held between the vibrator and mounting base, that absorb reaction force. These linear feeders are best suited to high-speed conveyance of small and thin precision parts.


•DL-50B •DL-65B

The B-series Daishin Linear Feeders, which minimize vibration by rubber vibration isolator held between the vibrator and mounting base, can be installed in all sorts of environment. These are widely used linear feeders.

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In-line Feeder

A wide range of in-line feeders are being offred with the smallest one weighing 0.25 kg in total and the largest one mass 17 kg in total with a maximun permissible chute mass of 5 kg and the maximun chute length of 700 mm. The most recognizable feature is that, by setting the controller frequency, the necessity of adjusting the leaf spring is eliminated. Any directly mounted, internediate spring, and rubber-support equipeped types maybe selected according to the application.


Directly mounted type

A simple construction. The highest feed rate is attainable. As the reactive force is directly transmitted to the mounting frame, however, this type is limited to compact feeders.


Rubber support equipped type
The feeder is fixed to the frame with rubber supports to significantly reduce the reactive force so that it can even be used on a regular office-type desk. Suitable for high-speed feeding of medium and large sized workpieces.


Intermediate spring type

The feeder is installed between the drive unit and the mounting frame via an intermediate spring to reduce the reactive force applied to the frame. Capable of smoothly feeding medium and large-sized workpieces with less vibration.

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Linear Feeder










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